Strategic Planning

Be prepared to meet the current and future needs of your students and staff

We work with your team to develop a stakeholder driven, actionable strategic plan that capitalizes on your system’s strengths and resources while providing direction to proactively prepare for future challenges and opportunities.

Our Lean Strategic Educational Planning (LSTEP) process promotes the continuous engagement of your stakeholders and emphasizes the consistent creation of value to your students, staff, and community. We provide guidance and expertise with team development, group facilitation and consensus building, data collection, data analysis, value clarification, identification of strategic focus areas, development of action plans with team responsibilities and performance measures, and task implementation.  Our LSTEP is scalable and can be customized to match the resources and needs of school systems of any size.  Additionally, we provide strategic planning consultation for strategic initiatives (e.g., digital 1:1 implementation) and for individual departments and programs.

“LEAN Frog’s strategic planning process is thorough, detailed, intense, and practical.  While working with our teams, the expertise and attention-to-detail ensured that we had covered every base and left no stone unturned.” – Dr. Chris Marczak, Superintendent, Maury County Public Schools


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