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Detailed Efficiency Reviews

Cost-effectively manage your non-instructional operations and increase your resources

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Organizational Reviews

Improve synergy, accountability, workflow and resource alignment across your District

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Strategic Planning

Be prepared to meet the current and future needs of your students and staff

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Technology Integration

Design, build and operate an integrated technology environment

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Improvement Facilitation

Make measurable, lasting improvements that drive other improvements over time

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Comprehensive Needs Assessments

Make data-driven decisions to meet the needs of your community

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Compensation Studies

Support your ability to attract and retain a motivated, high performing staff

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About Us

LEAN Frog Consulting Services serves public school systems across the Southeast using LEAN Frog’s proprietary Lean Six Sigma thinking, systems, and tools to improve both instructional and non-instructional departmental efficiency and effectiveness. We have a deep understanding of the challenges facing education today – and we have a proven track record of delivering results. We work to fully engage school employees to achieve buy-in and build a culture of continuous improvement and help schools provide more value to students, parents, and communities every day.


Byron Headrick

President & Co-Founder

Dr. Sherri Headrick

Vice President of Marketing & Human Capital